Topst ai 오탈자 수정 의견을 드립니다

DAPT 김덕현 매니저 입니다.

TOPST AI > Software > SDK > 1.Enviroment Setting 에서 enviroment → environment 로 수정 필요 합니다.

TOPST AI > Software > NPU Development > Device Driver And API > 2. Linux Device Driver 에서 아래 볼드체 오타 수정 필요해 보입니다.
" 1. In order to execute Inference, first run mmap on the buffer fd of the input buffer to obtain an input buffer address that can be accessed from the user space, second, store the input image in the input buffer obtained in this way, and finally deliver an IOL called NPU_NET_IOCT_RUNCT to the network fd."